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Service network

Selecting a bus supplier is a matter of confidence. With VDL Bus & Coach you are assured not only of top quality vehicles, but also of local support by means of a large number of service and repair workshops.

The staff are specially trained to carry out service work on VDL Bus & Coach products. A finely tuned service system ensures that every case is handled smoothly and makes for the fastest possible delivery of the required parts.

In addition, our service training courses are accessible not only to our engineers and service workshops but also to our customer‘s staff to bring them up to speed with regards to all VDL Bus & Coach product aspects. All training is carried out by our highly trained trainers.

In the event of a breakdown, use can be made of the emergency roadside assistance services of ITS-VDL, available 24 hours a day (telephone: +31 (0)40 2948080).
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