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VDL Financing offers the customers of VDL Bus & Coach custom financing throughout Europe. We not only finance new buses and coaches but also – in collaboration with VDL Bus Center – second-hand buses and coaches. In this manner we contribute to the total service provided by VDL, with the objective of offering you the best possible solution.

VDL Financing is a small, specialised organisation that operates quickly, informally and in an uncomplicated manner. We can go to great lengths to help you because we are familiar with your sector and know that VDL buses hold their value. We work closely with VDL Bus & Coach, yet we are a separate company within the VDL Groep. You can rest assured that your financing request will be kept absolutely confidential.

VDL Financing bv
Hoevenweg 1, 5652 AW Eindhoven
Postbus 645, 5550 AP Valkenswaard
The Netherlands
Phone +31 (0)40 208 44 00
Fax +31 (0)40 208 44 99

Bart Rooijmans

Coen Schellens
Manager Leasing