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Futura FHD2

The VDL Futura FHD2 is a coach that is in a class of its own and is our specialist for luxury journeys. From day trips to multi-day trips abroad. Its luxurious fittings and furnishings are impressive. Comfort, safety, technology and design, all the elements are optimally geared to one another and make travel with a Futura FHD2 an extremely pleasant experience.

Flexible: customized solution due to modular construction
Economical: lightweight construction and efficient drivelines
Specialist: perfect for long and short journeys
Quality: high-quality, sustainable materials
Comfortable: with extensive facilities
Attractive: timeless design

The Futura FHD2 is available as FHD2-106 (2-axles – 10.6 metres), FHD2-122 (2-axles – 12.2 metres), FHD2-129 (2-axles - 12.9 metres), FHD2-135 (2-axles - 13.5 metres), FHD2-139 (3-axles - 13.9 metres) and as FHD2-148 (3-axles – 14.8 metres).

Futura FHD2-106

Futura FHD2-122

Futura FHD2-129

Futura FHD2-135

Futura FHD2-139

Futura FHD2-148