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Citea Light Low Entry Electric (LLE Electric)

The modularity of the Citea range is emphasized by the electric version of the Light Low Entry. The Light Low Entry Electric is available in a 9.9-metre length version and uses the powertrain also found in the Low Floor Electric. To allow a wider action radius, the bus is equipped with a large battery bank, making it suitable for both city and regional deployment. The electric variant also benefits from the lightweight construction, resulting in very low energy consumption.
With the addition of an optional pantograph, the Light Low Entry Electric can take advantage of rapid charging stations to further extend its uptime. Offering a maximum number of seats within the compact dimensions, this low entry bus is a very comfortable option for lines with lower passenger numbers that will be included in the transition to quiet, zero emission public transport.
The Citea Light Low Entry Electric is available as LLE-99 (2-axle model – 9 metres long) and LLE-115 (2-axle model – 11.5 metres long).

Citea LLE-99 Electric

Citea LLE-115 Electric