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Citea Low Floor Articulated Electric (SLFA Electric)

The quiet, clean electric powertrain is not reserved for just the 12-metre low floor bus; the 18-metre Low Floor Articulated can also be equipped with the electric powertrain. This provides a solution for zero emission operation of bus lines with large passenger flows as well. The result is optimal Profit of Ownership, where the quality of life in these busy areas is maintained and the operator enjoys efficient operation with maximum passenger flow. 
The SLFA Electric also features modular construction, with a choice of several battery systems. The batteries are located on the roof of the bus, and it is possible to equip the bus with various rapid charging systems with an inverted pantograph. The double execution of the climate control system and the use of heat pumps provide a pleasant climate in the bus with minimum energy consumption. It goes without saying that this bus can also be built without diesel heating, resulting in 100% zero emission transport.
To make the innovative character of the bus visible on the outside too, many customers opt for the futuristic BRT design of the articulated bus. That way the Citea Low Floor Articulated Electric serves as the perfect banner for the dynamism that accompanies the transition to zero emission public transport.
The Citea SLFA (Low Floor Articulated) Electric is available in three length variants: the SLFA-180 Electric with a length of 18 metres, the SLFA-181 Electric with a length of 18.1 metres and the SLFA-187 Electric with a length of 18.75 metres. 
The Citea SLFA Electric is available in a 3- or 4-door version.

Citea SLFA-180 Electric

Citea SLFA-181 Electric, BRT design

Citea SLFA-187 Electric