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Citea Low Entry (SLE-XLE)

The choice of class 1 or 2, a low-floor design, a high degree of modularity and a great manoeuvrability make the Citea Low Entry suitable for both city and regional transport. The various lengths available and the versatility due to the options of the single leaf and double leaf doors enables this vehicle to meet the wishes of any carrier.

The low-floor design at the entrance and first exit door makes the Citea Low Entry a means of transport with the best possible accessibility for wheelchair users and passengers with baby carriages.

The Citea Low Entry is available as SLE 120 (2-axles – 12 metres), SLE 129 (2-axles – 12.9 metres), XLE 137 (3-axles – 13.7 metres) and as XLE 145 (3-axles – 14.5 metres).

Also available with 3rd door.