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Citea Light Low Entry (LLE)

The Citea Light Low Entry is an innovative, low weight concept for a low-entry bus especially designed for the demanding conditions of city and intercity transport.

A well thought-out method of construction which results in a very low weight with the major benefits such as considerably lower fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs. This can result in savings of 10 to 20% compared with conventional buses, mainly due to the fuel consumption.

The low-floor construction at the entry and exit doors ensures the best possible accessibility for wheelchair users and passengers with baby carriages. This accessibility is enhanced even more because there are no steps between the entry and exit.

Passenger transport companies are focusing more and more on products that match the transportation needs. With the introduction of the new length versions, VDL Bus & Coach expands the successful formula of the Citea LLE with even greater deployment potential.

The Citea Light Low Entry is offered as LLE-99 (2-axle model – 9.9 metres long), LLE-107 (2-axle model – 10.7 metres long), LLE-120 (2-axle model – 12 metres long) en LLE-127 (2-axle model – 12.7 metres long).

Also available with two leaf entrance door (1,200 mm).
LLE-120 + LLE-127: also available with 3rd door.