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Product range

With the Citea, VDL Bus & Coach offers a comprehensive range of city and regional buses. 
The Citea Low Floor (SLF) with its completely flat floor is the ideal city bus. This Citea has a high degree of modularity and is compact and thus manoeuvrable.
The Citea Low Floor articulated (SLFA) bus, with its completely flat floor, is ideal for transporting large numbers of passengers. The low floor construction makes it exceptionally easy to enter the bus and offers optimal access for travellers with a baby buggy or wheelchair, for example. Perfect for city and regional traffic.
The Citea Light Low Entry (LLE) is the lightweight champion and when unloaded weighs at least 2 tonnes less than comparable buses. This low kerb weight results in very favourable fuel economy, allowing it to achieve greatly reduced emissions of CO2, fine particulates and NOx. The excellent accessibility for service work has been optimized so this can be done even more easily and efficiently. This results in lower operational costs. 
The versatile Citea Low Entry (SLE-XLE) with a lowered entry offers many deployment and configuration options. 
The multifunctional Citea Low Entry Cargo (SLE-XLE) is ideal for regional transport and long routes. With around 2 m³ of luggage space the Low Entry Cargo offers a range of extra deployment possibilities.