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Chassis & chassis modules

The knowhow and experience that we have built up over decades with numerous in house products are also reflected in VDL Bus & Coach’s chassis and chassis modules. During development, safety, the use of tried and tested technologies and top quality of all components enjoy the highest priority. The result: bodybuilder friendly, reliable and durable chassis and chassis modules. VDL Bus & Coach also gives constant attention to optimising safety, road handling, fuel consumption, sustainability and comfort.

Proven reliability
The highest quality components from the industry's leading suppliers are selected with the emphasis firmly on performance and durability. Drawing on a considerable automotive expertise, each model is the result of technology proven in intensive testing programmes and in real operation. Extensive use is made of the latest automated manufacturing techniques to minimise tolerances and maximise quality.

Profit of Ownership
Alongside their reputation for high performance and exceptional driveability, VDL Bus & Coach products are characterised by their low operating costs. Economy is the key to maximise earnings and this is achieved by a combination of low fuel consumption, optimal vehicle weight, long maintenance intervals and minimal downtime through high reliability and ease of servicing.

Modular design
VDL Bus & Coach supplies all her products in modular form. This means that the front and rear modules are separate units, which bring numerous advantages. In particular, the operator and passengers benefit from the freedom given to bodybuilders or integral builders to choose vehicle lengths and optimise interior layouts.