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First VDL Citeas LLE-99 Electric for Luxembourg

On 8 February 2018, the first 7 Citeas Electric for Luxembourg were put into service by Voyages Emile Weber. This is VDL’s first order for e-buses including charging infrastructure in Luxembourg. These Citeas LLE-99 Electric are to be deployed in the municipality of Bettembourg, making this the largest electric fleet currently operating in Luxembourg. These e-buses will cover a distance of some 1,400 km a day.

9.9 metres in length, the buses’ capacity is well suited to the specific demands that this area imposes. Daytime opportunity charging (fast charging) is used to enable the buses to be deployed optimally during the day. The buses are slow-charged at night and supplied with energy again via a pantograph on the roof or a plug. As the system supplier, VDL is responsible for delivering both the electric buses and the charging stations, including installation, and for implementing the project.

Ard Romers, director of VDL Bus & Coach Nederland, says: “The Netherlands now has 9 E­Mobility implementation projects, making it a proven transition partner for efficient zero emission public transport systems. In addition, our clean and efficient electric vehicles are in day-to-day operation in several German cities. With this experience, we are a good match for Luxembourg’s ambition to make public transport sustainable.”

VDL Citea LLE-99 Electric
The VDL Citea LLE-99 Electric has been specially developed for less busy urban and regional bus lines so that these areas can also take advantage of zero emission public transport. Usually electric buses are much heavier than conventional diesel buses. A higher weight means fewer passengers and higher consumption. However, the VDL Citea LLE is known as the lightweight champion and VDL Bus & Coach has succeeded in keeping the weight very low for the electric variant too, achieving a reduction of up to more than 1,000 kg compared with a conventional 12-metre diesel bus.

Voyages Emile Weber
Voyages Emile Weber was founded in 1875 as a family-run business and since 2000 has been in the hands of the fifth generation. The first generation began more than 140 years ago, operating a coach twice a week on three routes. Nowadays Voyages Emile Weber, with almost 1,000 employees and an extensive network of travel agencies and tour operators, is one of Luxembourg’s largest passenger transport and tourism companies. The fleet comprises more than 450 vehicles, consisting of taxis, minibuses, public transport buses and luxury coaches. The Citeas LLE-99 Electric are to be deployed for the company’s public transport arm and will operate under the name Autocars Pletschette.

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