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10 VDL Citeas SLF-181 Electric for regional transport in Waterland region

Today, public transport company EBS has officially put 10 electric VDL Citeas SLFA-181 in service, which will provide the regional transport service in the Waterland region. The electric buses will be deployed on R-net line 316 between Amsterdam and Edam-Volendam. This will result in 135,000 electric kilometres per bus per year. Besides commuters, many tourists also use this bus line. The battery and charging strategies are geared to the higher average speed associated with regional transport.

Ard Romers, Managing Director VDL Bus & Coach Nederland, says, “We are proud that, as supplier of the electric buses, we are making a major contribution to the further sustainability of public transport in the Netherlands. Through the deployment of these electric buses on line 316 we and our partners, EBS and concession grantor Amsterdam Transport Region, are demonstrating even more possibilities for electrification of bus transport.”

From left to right: Ard Romers (VDL Bus & Coach Nederland), Wim Runderkamp (municipality Edam-Volendam), Avi Friedman (Egged), Derk Reneman (Vervoerregio Amsterdam) & Wim Kurver (EBS)

The VDL Citeas SLFA-181 have been built with a 3-door configuration in BRT design with room for 50 seated and 80 standing passengers. The driver has a spacious cockpit and is optimally informed about the driving performance and current status of the vehicle via the standard digital instrument panel. Deluxe seats, Wi-Fi and USB connections further enhance passengers’ travel comfort.

Operational availability of the electric buses has been maximized through an optimized rapid charging concept. The buses’ batteries have an energy capacity of 169 kWh and are charged at the Edam bus station during the day using rapid chargers with a maximum capacity of 450 kW. On a fully charged battery the buses can make the round trip from Edam via Volendam to Amsterdam Central Station two times. After a charging session of less than 15 minutes the bus is fully recharged and can travel the route again. At night the buses are charged with a maximum power of 30 kW at the Purmerend depot.

EBS has been providing the public transport in the Waterland region, directly north of Amsterdam, including the connections to and from Amsterdam since December 2011. On a weekday, 40,000 passengers use EBS’s services in approximately 200 buses. The current Waterland concession will last until the end of 2021. This concession involves close collaboration with concession grantor Amsterdam Transport Region.

Amsterdam Transport Region
Amsterdam Transport Region is the commissioning principal for regional and intracity public transport in fifteen municipalities in the Amsterdam region. To this end, the Transport Region grants concessions to transport companies and subsidies for the operation of public transport. This concerns public transport by bus, tram and metro. In addition to granting concessions, the Transport Region works with road authorities and transport operators to improve public transport. To keep the region attractive to residents and visitors, the Transport Region is investing in the optimization of public transport infrastructure. The Public Transport Investment Agenda outlines the investments needed to improve the quality and efficiency of public transport in the Amsterdam region, and thus also its accessibility.

Valkenswaard, October 2018

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